Sunday, June 20, 2010


I saw GODSPELL for the first time at a theater in my small Texas town.  It was glorious. 
I am the kind of person who could see a play every night of the week and be in Heaven. 
I even like plays I don't like.  Plays or Theater opens my mind to different viewpoints about topics I might
never have thought about or cared about.  Exploring is an almost delerious joy.

I explore through reading and writing, but viewing a play in a hushed audience, all eyes and spirits focused on the stage, the aisles, and above our heads (as in Phantom of the Opera)--surrounded by music and voices--allows me to be Alice in Alice in Wonderland.  It is not frightening to be Alice; it is exhilarating.  All my feelings are permissible in the theater.  I can be sad, angry, happy, disgusted, frightened, bored, but always changed in some way.
Changed in a non-threatening sense to me.

I particularly liked GODSPELL because it presented Jesus and his parables in a believable light--for believers and non-believers.  This production roared with energy, laughter, compassion, and inspiration.  It ended in Jesus' death and much mourning by his followers.  It was an unexpected interpretation of who Jesus was to the people of his time and allowed me to see how vital Jesus is now and forever to my well-being.  That is a miracle in itself.  


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